February 2019 Roundup

Our solar powered web camera is up and running!

Last month we took on the challenge of installing a remote solar powered wi-fi camera at the top of the Chester’s shot tower to monitor a falcon. We are very pleased that this was a susses and the camera is operating perfectly with the custom-built charging pack we built and installed. We are collecting the videos sent to us by the camera and sending them to the client. Unfortunately, no falcons spotted yet, but plenty of pidgins.


We’ve delivered our second batch of flooring explainer videos!

Starting in January, we’ve been producing a number of “how to” videos geared towards the flooring industry. After delivering the first month’s batch, we jumped straight into producing February’s videos. Included in this batch was a video demonstrating the water resistance of the product, which allowed us to have some fun getting soaked as we demonstrated this in our studio. We also had to bone up on our own joinery skills as we demonstrated how to properly integrate a radiator pipe into vinyl flooring.

Still from how to video

(Still from the video live feed from how to video)


We’ve finished our annual filming for a Cheshire radio station!

With a multi-day shoot and months of preparation, we are happy to say that we’ve completed the annual brand builder video. With a few new editing tricks, we’ve picked up specifically while completing this job, we take potential clients on a fly around Cheshire, introducing local areas, show casing the station and presenters. We’re very pleased with how the third large scale video we’ve produced for the station has turned out.

Silk Cheshire's radio station video still

(Still from Radio station video)


More floors as we run a video campaign for a carpet warehouse!

One of our quickest productions this month with a same day turn around, we produced a video advertisement for a Chester based carpet center to be used on their social media. Using stills that we animated, the video was optimised for Facebook use and specifically for the aspect ratio for viewing on a mobile phone.

Carpet social media campaign still

(A still from the social media campaign)


First social media video for a high-end Japanese restaurant!

We were very pleased to do this one. Filming for a short introductory social media video and website header video, we had a great chance to play about with an incredibly talented teppanyaki chief. Filming detailed shots of tricks and food preparation, we’re excited at the thought of working with them in the coming months for more content production. And yes, it was delicious!

Still of social media video for Japanese restaurant

(A still from Japanese restaurant introduction video)


More food videos!

Continuing with our good friends, we’ve been busy creating advertisements for the special offers over the months for Tops Wold Buffet in Manchester. Including videos for the Valentine’s day specials, half price for students and offers for NHS workers. Tops make our job easy as they always produce stunning quality food that looks as good on video as it does in real life, making our job just that bit easier.

Still from buffet social media campaign

(A still from the social media campaign)


Cocktail shoot!

A bit of a late-night shoot for use, as we got to photograph some stunning cocktails prepared for us at Sakura. The photos are to be used in a variety of ways, many shot on our white background are for use on their electronic menus, while staged shots in their bar area will be used for social media posting over the coming weeks, both as stills and being integrated into video adverts and animations. We recommend the blue one if you are wondering.

Blue cocktail

(One of our shots from the cocktail shoot)


Come have a look at what else has been happening around Chester!