Peregrine Falcons at Shot Tower Chester

We were contacted by CPUK to install a camera to help monitor the wellbeing of a mating pair of Peregrine Falcons, nesting in the famous Shot Tower in Chester.

Just as the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 started and Chester went into lockdown, the falcons laid four eggs. We post a short clip every day of the chicks progress on our Facebook Wall.

More videos of the peregrine chicks
From egg to chick – watch earlier videos on our Facebook page.

How did we get the camera on top of The Shot Tower?

Our solar-powered camera was fitted onto a specialist-designed concrete nest box and craned into place in January 2019. With no means of access to the nest after fitting, our equipment needed to be super-reliable and have it’s own power supply and be able to maintain a steady signal over the mobile data network.

The camera needed to be able to provide video and images until the end of the breeding season. We began planning the project in December 2018, designing custom brackets in collaboration with a local engineering company and testing equipment for optimum performance. It was imperative that the system was safe and would not cause any harm or distress to the birds and that it would withstand extreme weather conditions.

In 2019, we watched all three of the season’s chicks hatch, grow and eventually fledge. Here we are in 2020, the camera is still going strong and is operating at 100% as we observe a second season.

Why is the camera a little misty?

The chicks use the nest box as their toilet, spraying the walls. In 2019, as the chicks grew they were able to spray a bit higher everyday until one day they ‘reached’ the camera lens. The lens can’t be wiped clean as the nest box is inaccessible to humans.