We’re Live! See how we’re Live Streaming Chester.

Over the last few years, we have all seen how important and inclusive live streaming has become for all kinds of businesses and events. From company conferences, sporting events, weddings, funerals, theatre and live selling, live streams have helped many to expand their audience and continue to trade, perform, and interact with thousands of people all over the world. Though who should you go to to arrange a live stream in Chester?

Stoat Media have invested heavily in our live streaming kit over the past few years, so we can get Chester live!

We are now fully equipped with portable vision mixing of up to 4 cameras, full sound set up and lighting riggs. This allows us to live edit a full studio production while simultaneously streaming live to an online audience.

Live stream Chester

Corporate Event/Conferences Live Streaming

We’ve all had to cancel events, large meetings, or conferences over the past few years, coupled with the difficulty of travel and accommodation, many have found that moving online is the way forward.

Live streaming corporate events and conferences can save money and time by reducing travelling, accommodation, catering, and venue costs. Our live streaming allows you to instantly connect with your collages all over the world.

As well as filming live, we can live cast onscreen graphics such as PowerPoint, presentations, and pre-recorded films, in time with your presentation.

Charity Fundraisers Live Streaming

Good causes can really benefit from opening fundraising events to the widest audience possible. We have live streamed charity events including educational seminars, performances, and interviews.

With our streaming system, we are able to stream to almost any platform of your choosing, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and embedded into a webpage. We are also able to include direct links and QR codes directly to donation options, allowing you to raise funds during your event.

Sports Live Streaming

With up to 4 live cameras, we are set to cover pitch and court-based sports professionally and live cast to your supporters.

Our live streaming system allows us to add onscreen graphics such as a scoreboard, time clock and team names/logos. We are also able to supply lip mics for commentators and recorded pitchside interviews that can be broadcast in the live stream.

Theatre and Concerts Live And Recorded

Live streaming enables you to show your production far and wide. We all know how difficult arranging live performances have been over the past few years, with live streaming options, you can bring the theatre into people’s homes.

With either a public stream or a paid ticket event, we can live edit your production to give a professional show for your audience. We are also able to record an offline performance while live editing to give you an HD quality video file of your performance.

To ensure the best sound quality, we can take a feed straight from your audio set-up/engineer, or we are able to supply our own full set of audio mixers and microphones.

The Full Package

Not everyone knows the ins and outs of audio-visual productions, and that’s ok, it might not be your full-time job, but it is ours.

Along with our portable live stream studio, we can supply a wide range of microphones and sound mixing options, green screens, lighting rigs, PA system and presentation control/monitoring.

If you have any questions or need advice on your upcoming event, get in touch!

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