White Label

We want to be your video guys

We take the time, cost and effort out of providing videos to your clients.

Providing videos to your clients shouldn’t eat away at your profits, it should be adding to them.

with Stoat Media’s white label video service, we produce internet-based video content at affordable priced for small to medium web developers and marketing agencies to supply their clients. We allowing you to make a great mark up while also being attractive to your clients.

We are not a faceless online video service that try to fob you off with stock footage and reused videos. We are local with feet on the ground, a face to a name and produce fully bespoke video content that match your client’s brand.

Why we are the best for the job

Stoat Media specialise in providing high quality videos designed for web use at affordable rates. We are set up to produce videos in bulk, this allows us to keep our costings low and makes us perfect to provide videos for small to medium businesses, while making sure we are able to accommodate your needs.

We have a back ground in marketing and are always keen to get hands on with clients to ensure we provide the right service with the right aesthetics and feel. We come fully equipped and trained to take on any job. Stoat Media also provide our own public liability cover and ensure that we can provide a DBS checked camera operator to any job. Using us also opens up our extensive licensed music and image libraries to help with any production.

Who we work with

We’ve had the pleasure to work with businesses ranging from sole traders to multi-million-pound international companies, in almost every sector. We regauly film for restaurants, garden centres, manufacturers, medical suppliers and building/renovation companies. The bread and butter of our work comes from small to medium businesses who have a budget often ranging between £450-1500 for a video project.

We work with web developers, designers and agencies in the North West, to supply their clients with video content developed for web. To ensure the marketability and benefits that adding our video service will offer a web designer, we only offer our video service white label offer to one company in a set region, so we don’t supply our partner’s competition.


Resources we give you

To help our white label partners get the most out of offering our video expertise to their clients, we offer a few resources to help seal the deal

Marketing material;
We can provide you with a customised over view video for you to display on your website to show off your video production service. We are also able to offer additional specified example videos and marketing photos if you want to push the service even further on your web page/social media.

Video Quotes document;
To help you decide your margins on a video project, we will provide you with our white label video quote document. This will outline our price for various video projects. This will help you quickly set a budget on the fly while talking to clients as well as deciding how much on top you will charge. But of cause, we are all ways available for a phone call or email if you want to chat through a more complex project.

White Label or Commission

Under a white label agreement, we work as your inhouse video production department. Under your branding we will service your clients to provide the high standard of service that you give your clients to complement your web works. Under the white label agreement, we will ensure that in your region you are the only web developer that we work with, as to ensure that the marketing boost that we provide to you remains strong and unique in your area. We provide our services at our white label partner rates to allow you to set your own margins to make the profit that you want. (We suggest setting your margin at 1/4th up from the unit cost)

If you want to test the water first and see how offering a video service can boost your marketing, profit and conversion rates, we offer a 10% commission payment of profits made from a client you send our way. If you send a client our way, simply drop us an email letting us know, and if we convert them, 10% of the profits will be heading your way.


Get in touch

Contact us for a meeting to discuss how we can move forward.

We have an office based in Chester as well as operations in the South Manchester area. As such we are perfectly suited to pop in to you to have a quick chat.