Chester’s Prominent Hotel, Then And Now From The 1930s

Stoat Media has been gifted an original copy of a Chester based tour guide book from the 1930s, The Rare Old City of Chester. Originally commissioned by the Chester Corporation (the company who operated horse pulled trams in the city from 1903-1930) and published by ED. J Burrow and Co LTD, the guide highlights beautiful landmarks and unique businesses throughout the city of Chester.

Over the next few weeks we will be examining the old advertisements from local businesses and comparing them from the 1930s to now.

Blossoms hotel

(Photo credit The Rare Old City of Chester).

Blossoms Hotel

Located just a few meters from the East Gate Clock, Blossoms Hotel boasted, rightly so of their central location, listing prominent features such as the Roman walls, the Cathedral and the Rows as all being close to the front door.

What strikes us most, is how proud Blossoms Hotel was of their running hot and cold water. Something we take for granted, but we’re sure that was something to make a song and dance about in the 30s.

With 75 bedrooms, it’s difficult to imagine the Blossoms Hotel simply vanishing from its prominent spot in the city. Though today, instead of the Blossoms canopy jutting out on to Foregate Street, you will find Lush the perfume shop trading out of what was once the hotel’s lobby.

Blossoms hotel lush entrance East Gate street Chester

(Photo credit Stoat Media).

Far from ending its life as a bath bomb dispenser, Blossoms Hotel was bought by the Macdonald Hotel chain and rebranded as Macdonald New Blossoms. Moving its entrance around the corner to St John Street, Opposite the nightclub Cruise.

New Blossoms hotel entrance st John street Chester

(Photo credit Stoat Media).


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