Event Filming

Your Day.

With the effort, preparation and planning that go into making a great event, why should it only be for one day when you can show off your work for the end of time with an event video.

One Shot

Filming at events has the major disadvantage of not being scripted. You need to get every shot fast and be ready for any surprise. We know what to look for and how to get the best shots to help tell the story of your event, and with our compactly packed event equipment, we are ready to take on any obstacle that arises on the day.

Talking Heads

Live in the middle of the action is often the best time to grab a quick surprise interview with a client or employee. These can talk about the event its self, your product or service or just about anything you want to highlight on the day. We are very experienced in grabbing members of the public for talking heads interviews and getting exactly what we need to make a great promotional video for you.

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