Advertisement Videos

Attract and Convert.

The long and short of adverts, are to catch the eye and present a call to action that will help convert interest in to sales.

Get Seen.

Adverts can come in any genera and at any length, though we recommend that special consideration is paid to the length depending on the medium the averts it to be used with. Online adverts may be able to be long, but unless they are engaging risk a high bounce rate, whereas the length of a TV or radio advert will drastically affect the final budget for broadcasting. Though no matter the length, we advise to stick to the golden rule, one advert = idea. Keep it simple to understand and don’t overload the viewer.

Know Your Audience

No one knows your market better than you, but we come close. With years of experience in marketing for almost every industry, we have banks of knowledge we’ve refined to help get the best results for you. Though we also have a secret weapon, we have natural curiosity and love learning and emerging our self in your business, finding out for our selfves what makes your clients tick.

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