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We produce videos suited for social media. Both to help encourage natural sharing of the video advertisements but also to maximise information gathered quickly while scrolling.

Expert Marketing

With the relatively new environment created with social media, we find that going back to classic advertising theory is the key to success. We like to use the bus stop rule, where we ensure that the relevant information is given in less than three seconds. This is the amount of time a person scrolling may see your advert for or the amount of time you have to catch their attention before the click off. Once you have their interest, then more info or links can be presented to them in the text, where, once already committed they will look. This style of videos works wonders for promotions and special offers.

Videos Shaped For Use

Many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram optimise their services for mobile phone usage. It’s estimated that around 70% of Facebook users assess the site via a mobile phone. This is leading to a rise in popularity of manipulating the dimensions of a video to specifically fit for phone screens. The most common being the portrait shaped videos specifically to fill the whole screen on a phone and allow for better viewing on the mobile. Or the square shaped videos, which provide a cross over of being more easily viewed on mobile without changing the viewing experience on a laptop or desktop screen by a noticeable degree.

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