June 2019 Roundup

We went green

We’ve been having great fun producing promotional advertisement videos in the green-screen studio. We were commission produce two satirical short videos for a Cheshire based flooring company.

Working to a tight deadline, we only had two weeks from the conception of the idea for the promotional videos, to write the scripts to the client’s liking, cast the actors, storyboard the films and prep the studio. But what do you expect from one of Chester’s highest rated video production companies? Of cause we managed it and we’re currently dealing with a happy client as we finish off the editing process.

The videos will be ready and published on some snazzy new video broachers to be distributed nation-wide. Though as the editing won’t be finished before we pass over to July, you’re going to have to wait to see the finished products until next month’s recap.

But for now, enjoy a snapshot of the moment we throw a water bottle at our “MP”.

Children are our future

We’ve been helping a prominent Chester High School over the last few months with their student lead media project. The media segment of their anniversary celebration has consisted of students holding interviews for past students and faculty staff, to be shown at a celebration night held in July. We have been helping to advise the school on best practice for capturing the interview audio and then editing each interview into a short clip show video for them.

The project will conclude in July as we attend their celebration night to capture the evening and hold interviews with present and past members of the school to be displayed on the brand new and shiny website, being built by Roodee Creative for the school.


Web designer promotional content

Sometimes even the professionals need a helping hand. We’ve produced a number of short animations to help demo the multiple views of single websites (PC, Phone and tablet screens). These promotional videos are quick to produce and work well to help web developers demonstrate difficult concepts to explain to their clients.

More floors

We’re still churning out our monthly retained videos for our Chester based flooring friends. This month’s video production included such gems as demonstrating how the texture of the floor feels by using crayons, throwing ink over it to see if it’d stick and testing out methods to cut it safely at an awkward angle. The videos take a lot of trial and error as we discover what the floor can and can’t do, but we can defiantly say each month is never the same.

Even more scaffolding

This month saw us undertaking a slightly bigger project for our monthly scaffolding videos. Traveling between Bolton and Preston, we documented two sites under the same scaffolding project for our client not only to showcase on their own site, but also for our client to offer as a corporate gift to the site company that contracted them. The videos where filmed carefully, sticking within budget to showcase not only the scaffolding on site, but also the full site process to make both businesses look at their best.