March 2019 Roundup

Monitoring Chester’s Peregrin Falcon
Continuing with our ongoing project at Chester’s Shot Tower, we are pleased to see that our camera has captured the elusive falcon making its nest in the new bird box. We will continue to monitor and capture the video files to ensure the safety of this beautiful bird of prey throughout building renovations.

More Fun With Floors
We have continued our filming for a Cheshire-based flooring company, this time getting more and more creative with the explainer videos for their vinyl floor products. We had a great chance not only to testing out our art skills with crayons, but also smashing lots of crockery and Tonker trucks onto it to demonstrate its resilience. Whatever must the neighbours have thought.

Happy Hour
There might appear to be a bit of a pattern emerging as once again we found ourselves in the presence of some spectacular cocktails. Shooting and preparing short social media adverts, we had lots of fun getting these short videos ready.

Filming Innovative 3D Printers
We started work on a large-scale project to provide video content for a Sheffield Based 3D-printing and design company. Consisting of a series of interviews and location shots, we’ve had a great chance to get up close and personal with some amazing futuristic production methods and can’t wait to showcase them.

Food Glorious Food
Keeping our relationship with a prominent Manchester restaurant alive, we’ve been producing a new series of social media adverts. Advertising Birthday special offers and their new Happy Hour, the campaign is currently proving to be a great success getting lots of engagement across Facebook and Instagram and showing how a well organised campaign can really catch the attention of a locally targeted market.

Filming Testimonials
At the request of a Chester web developer, we created a testimonial video that will be prominent on their website, featuring of one of their happy customers describing their experience. Filmed in an interview style with B-roll spliced into the edit to showcase the website designed for the client, we are really pleased with how it looks so far and it’s very nearly ready for release. We’ll post a link to it when it’s ‘out there’.

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