May 2019 Roundup

May has been a very busy month for us. What with completing our monthly retained works as well as some pretty big scale projects, we’ve barely had a moment’s rest.


Cooking the floor

Just like every month, we’ve been back on the floor, demonstrating the benefits of our client’s products in short demonstration videos. This time we had the chance to go a little pyro mad with a small flame thrower as we tested out the flammability of various competing flooring products.

We are pleased to report that all 6 eyebrows that were on set managed to get off set intact… if not a little singed.

Back on the building sites

After a short break, we are back providing monthly update videos for a local scaffolding company. Though we swear that we’re not scared of the heights, we are very grateful that we were able to keep our feet on the ground as we produced their monthly videos.

The update videos are used on their website and social media pages to help show their clients what they are up to and the different services they can provide.

Flaming Facebook adverts

One of our very favourite jobs is filming in restaurants and there are few better that teppanyaki to film. With dramatic flames and theatrical staff, the video almost makes itself. With a little help from some volunteers, we produced a stunning Facebook advert for a Derby based Japanese restaurant.

But don’t worry, we’re back and ready again to produce stunning videos for Chester businesses.


Fitting out a new website

One of our bigger jobs last month was populating an entire website with video content. Consisting of 9 videos in total, filmed in an interview style they talk potential clients through the process of designing for and commissioning cutting edge 3D print technology.

We had great fun while collecting B roll footage. With lots of twirling cogs and beeping buttons, we were in our element and loved piecing together a hero banner video for the homepage with animated text call outs.

Bonus still

With a wide variety of works last month, we’ve only had time to highlight some of our favourites. But we feel we’d be short changing you if we didn’t leave you with an out of context still from a video, we produced this month, with Phil Colman, our actor pulling our favourite face.

Phil the actor filming for a Chester business video

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