Never Work With Animals

Everyone has heard the saying “never work with animals” when working on a film set, but we have to disagree. This week we had the opportunity to work with a small menagerie of pets as we were asked to film demo videos with some very furry actors.

One demonstration video required the little balls of fluff (Bert and Ernie) to run wild over a set piece that we built to showcase a section of flooring.

(Ernie posing with his beautiful face for the cameras)

With the help of a laser pointer and a few stringy twigs, we eventually managed to catch the cat’s attention and they agreed to play along by running across the frame every which way. This allowed us to tie the footage together and create a short segment for the promotional video where we see the footage of the cats overlapping each other to give a busy look to the footage.

One thing we didn’t think would be an issue would be getting some footage of Bert or Ernie eating, as we had been told  that they are always hungry. However, on the day of the shoot it seemed a miracle had happened as neither cat was interested in the slightest in the beautiful banquet we provided for them. After changing a few options of food and filming them for over an hour, Ernie finally took pity on us and gave an excellent performance as he took a tentative nibble.

Moving on with producing our videos, we had to enlist the help of Daisy the dog.

(Daisy being pampered after a long day of being a film star)

Even if she did get a little grumpy with having to get all muddy, Daisy is undisputedly a good girl. She put her years of acting school to good use as she gave us a very believable shake off, allowing us to capture a slow-motion spray of mud and water. Luckily, we thought ahead and did indeed have the water covers on the cameras.

After our four-legged actors well and truly destroyed the set we had built for them, we took the footage and produced four short instructional/promotional videos meeting our clients specifications. We are looking forward to working with Chester’s premium animal actors again for future video productions.


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