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We’re entering a new renaissance.
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The world of performance and entertainment never stops and in recent weeks we have seen just how vital, actors, comedians, dancers and performers of all genres are to keep the world going. As we look to the future and plans to leave lockdown, we already know that theatre and filming productions are going to boom on a big scale. Now is the time to get your face out there and to be a part of the new renaissance.
Filming throughout the North West, we are ready to start rolling.

It’s time to get your face out there.

A professional show reel is going to be an even bigger must for actors in the coming months. Although restrictions will gradually be relaxed, we may still see many issues with travel meaning in person auditions may become few and far between. A show reel allows you to show your best work while remaining safe. Even in times of greater certainty, having a professional show reel aids actors by allowing you to submit auditions without travel or time constraints while also providing an engaging first impression for casting agents.

Be picture perfect

Along with your show reel video, it is vital to have a selection of professional head shots to accompany your audition submissions. We see this service as going hand in hand with providing our video expertise and included in the price will take a variety of head shots on the day of filming for your use.

The Whole Show!

When you perform in or produce a stage show, sometimes it’s too good not to have it documented. There are many reasons you may want to film a stage show, be it to add to your show reel, sell licensed copies, publish online or just for posterities sake. We can provide multi camera filming and live mixing at stage show events. We are also able to work with you to livestream your performances (please get in touch to discuss this option further).

We provide show filming in two bands;
1) Short performance, 45 minutes or less. This is perfect for stand-up sets, competitions and one act shots
2) Long performance, 45 minutes or longer. Ideal for full stage shows, concerts, music recitals and more.


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