Technical Projects

Looking for something special?

Not all video projects are simple point and record jobs. Stoat Media have a wide range of experience and in-house equipment ready to accommodate almost any job. From Green screaming and drone filming, all the way to our unmanned monitoring cameras, if you need something more special for your video project, we’ll make it happen.

Drone & Aerial Videos

Aerial photography allows us to get a unique and distinctive view. If you’re looking for a beautiful stylistic video or if you need a top down survey of your project, drone flights are the perfect and cost-effective way of capturing shots from the air.

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Event Filming

Every event is different and needs to be treated as such. You don’t get a second chance at capturing a live event and you need to be sure that you are in safe and capable hands. Stoat Media provides a versatile range of options for filming live events that allow us to tailor our approach to your specific event.

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Time-Lapse & Monitoring Cameras

Some projects last for months, others just a single day. A video time-lapse is a visually interesting way to capture the action over a set time period. Be it a building site, a garden or an event, these videos can be a stunning contained video in their own right or used within a larger video project to emphasise the amount of work put into a project or to show the passing of time.

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Green Screens & Background Options

Let’s face it, real life isn’t always pretty. But not to worry, Stoat Media have you covered with our range of green screens and experience of chroma keying, we can help build the world around your business or product. Adding green screens to a project can add an extra layer of polish or visual effects that are bound to catch the eye of your potential clients.

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