Time-Lapse & Monitoring Cameras

Fast Forward

In short, a time lapse is a video filmed over a period of time that is sped up to give the impression of the passage of time or to see subtle and dramatic changes that would take far too long to show in real time.

However Long

We’ve used time lapses that are only a few minutes long to add a stylistic boost to videos, showing the passage of time in a visually interesting way. We’ve also used time lapses that have lasted for many months, showing large scale projects from start to finish, showing the dramatic changes and efforts that our clients put in.

Keeping An Eye On Things

Time-lapse videos aren’t only used for promotional purposes. We find more and more management teams are choosing to use time-lapse video footage to aid them in monitoring the progress of their projects or demonstrate to investors or board members how a project is advancing, without having to be constantly present on site. We are also able to install motion triggered and controllable cameras for special projects such as wildlife watching on building sites or to allow instant access to viewing a project.

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