Chester’s Ballerina in the Bus Exchange

Like all cities, Chester can be a bit grim in February. Dark skies, cold chills and a general melancholy only broken by the pressure to grab hold of a loved one before Valentine’s Day hits you in the middle of the month.

That’s why when a commuter at the Chester Bus Exchange decided to brighten up our day with their enthusiastic dancing, the city took her to their heart.

While going about his morning business, making himself a brew, Dan Griffiths spotted the nimble footed commuter twirling and thankfully whipped out his phone to record the personal ballet.

What a brilliant video for a cold Cheshire morning!

We’ve been having great fun trying to decide what she may have been listening to. From the look of her semi polished moves, she’s displaying some classical dance knowledge with a bit of an angsty modern twist. We like to think it was Bat Out of Hell, go ahead and listen to it while watching the video to see why.

If you have any idea what music she may have been dancing to, let us know your thoughts.

We look forward to catching her dance recital when the Story House finally manage to book her.


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